IT Consulting

The international distribution of and trade with chemicals and plastics places special requirements on IT functionalities. The SAP® standard is not sufficient for the industry’s special requirements. We supplement the standard with our own intelligent and practical developments for our customers.

Common concept and customising

We have industry-specific sample concepts and pre-customising with defined business transactions.

Exclusive and individual

Document management

Our document management system, which is integrated into SAP®, optimises and automates the filing, dispatch and archiving of all necessary documents, including:

  • Safety data sheets
  • Certificates
  • End-use certificates

Import and export process support

With automatic sanction list checks and electronic customs registration, we accelerate complex import and export processes and ensure compliance with the regulations.


Our own development provides legally secure and effective implementation of the REACH chemicals regulations. In this instance, volume monitoring is completely integrated into the SAP® procurement and sales processes.

Kathrin Stücken, Head of IT Consulting

“When you think of SAP, you naturally also think of the possibility of using it for your own needs. No other tool offers such varied configuration and programming options. So it is perfect for us and our customers!”